Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

So I voted today. Although Bill Richardson dropped out of the race, he was still on the ballet. I voted for him on principle. I am confident he would have made a phenomenal president. When one of the news stations broadcasted the results, they listed all of the Dem candidates from the ballet except for Bill Richardson. I think I must have been the only one in the state who voted for him. I mean, Dennis Kucinich was even displayed. Of course when I would talk about Richardson often people who ask me who he is. It's a shame that he didn't get more attention.

Although having a black man and a woman in the race for president is an incredibly important precident, I am not convinced that either Obama or Clinton is best for the country. Of the two, I chose Clinton because she has the most experience and aside from her vote on the war, I find myself in agreement with many of her ideals.

Still, I wish the media would have given more attention to the other candidates. I know in other countries the media is required to give the same amount of airtime to all candidates. I wish it was more like that here. We are a politically lazy people (myself included). We seem largely to only pay attention to the information we are fed. If we need to be fed, atleast we should be given a well round diet of all the candidates.

Oh well. I guess I can hope that if Richardson is named VP as some pundits, he have an opportunity to be president in 8 years. I hope that whatever happens he put in an important position in the administration. He'd make a great secretary of state.

I might write him in in November. ;)